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With less than two weeks to launch, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare still has a lot of questions surrounding it. Developer Infinity Ward has been particularly stingy this year in regard to the information they release. However, while the studio itself doesn’t give out much, its employees tend to be more lenient. Infinity Ward’s art director just made a bold statement about one of Modern Warfare‘s most controversial topics: supply drops.

Supply drops confirmed to not be in Modern Warfare

Over the course of the pre-launch process, we’ve heard multiple things about the supply drop system. One leak said that Modern Warfare would feature pay-to-win weapons in drops, and another said they would only contain cosmetic items.

Modern Warfare supply drops
Supply drops did make an appearance in the Modern Warfare beta with this accidental image.

Though, the one common similarity in all of these leaks is that supply drops exist. Well, according to Infinity Ward art director Joel Emslie, supply drops will, in fact, not be in Modern Warfare.

Posted to the Modern Warfare subreddit, Emslie came out of nowhere with a post titled “Current Events.” In this post, he details how all of the leaks swirling around are misinformed and that supply drops will not be in the game.

Current events from modernwarfare

This comes as a shock to everyone since supply drops have been in every Call of Duty since Advanced Warfare. Although, his comments were met with some skepticism, as we’ve heard similar stories before. They claimed Black Ops 4 claimed wouldn’t have supply drops either, but that changed within two months of release.

Continuing on in his post, Emslie states that functional items, such as weapons and camos, will be available to earn through playtime. So, supposedly, if you play enough of Modern Warfare, there will be avenues for you to earn different rewards that enhance gameplay.

Are supply drops coming at a later date?

Contrary to Emslie’s comments, TheGamingRevolution, a leaker with a great track record, posted a video late last night detailing the supply drop system in depth. So, either Infinity Ward changed their mind about adding supply drops, or they’re not being truthful. TGR also posted a video today explaining what he thinks about the supply drop situation.

Obviously, we won’t know anything until the game launches. Though, Emslie did say that more information would be coming later this week regarding microtransactions. However, we’ve also heard that Infinity Ward would be releasing information on the game’s net code issues, but that has yet to happen.

What are your thoughts in supply drops in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Modern Warfare coverage.

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