Modern Warfare Season 5 reportedly the last season before the next title
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is set to introduce Season 5 sometime later this week. Many are suggesting that Tuesday, August 4 will be the last day of Season 4. This makes sense as Call of Duty traditionally launches update early Wednesday morning. So, with Season 5, players should be able to get their hands on the new content on Wednesday, August 5. However, according to a new leak, this might be the last time a seasonal update arrives in Modern Warfare or Warzone. There’s reportedly no mention of a Season 6 in the game files.

Season 5 the last leg for Modern Warfare?

A standard season for Modern Warfare and Warzone has traditionally been around two months. Of course, with COVID-19 and other affairs in the world, the dates have been stretched a little. Nonetheless, seasons still last for close to 60 days.

Season 5 is set to begin on August 5, which means a new season would arrive around early October. While we don’t know the exact launch date for the next Call of Duty title, which is rumored to be “Black Ops: Cold War”, it should release in late October or early November.

That said, it seems Activision is content to let Season 5 roll into the new entry in the series. According to data-miners, there’s no mention of Season 6 in the game files. Along with this, a Korean-Canadian Call of Duty partner says that Infinity Ward developers aren’t planning a new season of content.

While this might be disappointing for fans of Modern Warfare and Warzone, it does make sense from a marketing standpoint. Activision won’t want to promote a new season for a game that is about to replaced by many fans. Instead, the publishers want to promote the newest entry in the series, being Black Ops: Cold War.

As with all leaks, this information isn’t confirmed by any official sources. However, the sources behind this leak have been extremely accurate with information regarding Call of Duty in the past. Regardless though, it appears we’ll have to wait another month or two for any official details.

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