Moon Raccoons return to Valorant with all female roster
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The North American amateur team, Moon Raccoons, has made a return to the Valorant competitive scene with an all female roster, Moon Raccoons Black. The squad will compete in the upcoming Game Changers open qualifiers starting March 19.

The previous Moon Raccoons roster has gone on to join many top and mid-tier organizations. This includes Andbox and Evil Geniuses. Joseph “Pronoia” Samret will continue to manage the team and Kevin “Lelicious” Le coaches them.

Moon Raccoons Black Players

This Moon Raccoons Black roster includes most of the former built butter roster, a team that won the Gen.G x Galorants Proving Grounds Tournament earlier this month. The team includes Flowerful, Panini, Lorri, it not han from built better and dianaa, previously of Sakura Esports. The most notable of the five is Flowerful, who has the biggest social presence and is the team’s star duelist player.

Based off of the the players’ previous matches, the team is flexible when it comes to agent choice. Flowerful, dianaa and Lorri are the all proficient duelists. It not han mostly plays Sova. And, panini has been flexed between Killjoy and Omen.

History of Moon Raccoons

Moon Raccoons broke into the competitive Valorant scene in the the NSG x Renegades invitational. The team qualified by winning the qualifier bracket, besting Andbox in the finals. Furthermore, the team went on to take down many established organizations in the North American scene; Gen.G and Renegades being among them.

The squad also made waves for being the only unsigned team to make it to the closed qualifier portion of First Strike. Ultimately, the team would be knocked out of the First Strike tournament and they were disbanded shortly after. Also, they went through multiple iterations as members were signed by organizations looking to fill gaps in their rosters. Teams like Evil Geniuses, Dignitas and Spacestation Gaming were the beneficiaries of this armature squads success.

Declan is an esports journalist and part-time editor for Upcomer. He is an avid gamer and League of Legends player. You can find him at the bottom of the leaderboard in most games or on Twitter.