Mouseports win tiebreaker to advance out of Group C at EU Masters
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UCAM Esports Club and Mousesports leave Group C and advance to the knockout stage at the League of Legends European Masters Spring main event. UCAM moved on with relative ease as they topped the group 6-0. Mouseports struggled to make it out as they had to win a tiebreaker against Macko Esports to advance. Mouseports and UCAM will continue in their EU Masters runs in the quarter finals after the group stage concludes April 23.

UCAM Esports Club take the top seed

UCAM came into the event as the top seed from the SuperLiga. They placed second in the regular season with a 11-7 record and swept the playoffs to a first place finish. They dropped one game on their journey to direct qualification in the main event. The team sat comfortably at the top of the group table before the recent run of games. They had one win against each group opponent and could secure a top stop with a win in each of their first two games. The team did just that, taking down Mouseports and Illuminar Gaming in two under-40 minute games.


UCAM is an all around solid team but their strengths the jungle and mid lane. Maik “Hades” Jonker in the jungle is an EU Masters veteran, attending the tournament twice before. He plays many of the meta champions, and even threw a Skarner into the mix in the group stage. He finished Group C with a 8.4 Kill / Deaths / Assists ratio and 79% kill participation. João Miguel “Baca” Novais Bigas in the mad lane held down his lane with his control mages and the odd assassin pick. He is known for his Oriana but put together a 10/3/7 score line on Akali in his game against Illuminar.

Mouseports advance at EU Masters

Mouseports had a different journey to the top of the group because they had to win in the final day to qualify. They only won one game in their first three matches which tied them for last, behind Illiminar. Their chances became even more slim as they lost their next two matches, but took their final game against Macko Esports. Who would advance to the knockout stage would be decided by the remaining teams in Group C.

With Macko taking a game off of Illuminar, and Illuminar losing to UCAM, they forced a tiebreaker for the group. Illuminar and Macko faced off first as Macko knocked the previously second place team out of the main event. Macko then played Mousesports which ended in a 31 minute victory for the Prime League Pro Division representatives. The deciding match was a methodical win for the German side. They only had 4 deaths and their bot lane strangled their opponents out of the lane and the game.

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