Mystic Intellect full decklist revealed in Commander 2019 spoilers
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The second decklist in Magic: The Gathering Commander 2019 spoilers has been fully revealed, Mystic Intellect. It’s full of sweet Jeskai flashback cards, walls, and new cards like Dockside Extortionist and Wall of Stolen Identity. In addition, there are tons of sweet reprints. It’s a long list, so let’s get right into it.



Ral Zarek | Mystic Intellect full decklist revealed in Commander 2019 spoilers

Ral Zarek is a welcome Planeswalker reprint. He wasn’t super expensive by any stretch, but supply was limited to one printing prior. A solid $6 mythic is a great addition. He doesn’t have a ton of synergy with the flashback theme, but he is removal and ramp in a way. His ultimate can win you the game too if you get lucky enough.


Mystic Intellect full decklist revealed in Commander 2019 spoilers

There are some solid creature reprints in the deck. Sun Titan, Clever Impersonator, and Burnished Hart are all Commander staples, so seeing their inclusion is fantastic. Guttersnipe, Crackling Drake, and Talrand, Sky Summoner all have synergies with casting a bunch of instants and sorceries. This gives the deck a strong base for being based around flashback and spell-slinger strategies. Overall fantastic additions.


Faithless Looting | Mystic Intellect full decklist revealed in Commander 2019 spoilers

The sorcery spells reprinted are all meant to help out with flashback strategy. All are powerful cards, giving you card draw, recycling, board wipes, and more. As a bonus, check out that sweet new Faithless Looting art!


Mystic Intellect full decklist revealed in Commander 2019 spoilers

Just like the sorceries, all the instants are meant to help work with the “cast spells from the graveyard” plan. Fact or Fiction stocks your graveyard, and cards like Think Twice and Chemister’s Insight are great card draw. A fantastic reprint for Pauper is Prismatic Strands. Despite being a common it isn’t especially cheap, so having more copies in circulation is always nice.


All of these are staple artifacts for Commander. The lockets are kind of like diet signets, and Sol Ring is naturally expected at this point. With good ramp and mana fixing, they help make the deck playable right away.


Burning Vengeance, Secrets of the Dead, and Jace’s Sanctum all help to support the spell-oriented strategy of the deck. Ghostly Prison is more of a value reprint, but it’s definitely a staple inclusion and welcome to see.


Like the previous decklist we discussed, the mana base of the deck is very well-built. Plenty of dual lands that don’t always enter tapped along with some mana fixing help make the deck more playable out of the box.

New Cards in Mystic Intellect

  • 1 Sevinne, the Chronoclasm
  • 1 Elsha of the Infinite
  • 1 Pramikon, Sky Rampart
  • 1 Mandate of Peace
  • 1 Sevinne’s Reclamation
  • 1 Thalia’s Geistcaller
  • 1 Mass Diminish
  • 1 Wall of Stolen Identity
  • 1 Backdraft Hellkite
  • 1 Dockside Extortionist
  • 1 Ignite the Future
  • 1 Gerrard, Weatherlight Hero
  • 1 Empowered Autogenerator
  • 1 Cliffside Rescuer
  • 1 Leadership Vacuum
  • 1 Bloodthirsty Blade
  • 1 Scaretiller

As for all the new cards, each could warrant an article in their own right. However, I’m just going to highlight a couple that stood out to me in particular.

Dockside Extortionist is insane ramp for red decks. Artifacts are staples for ramp in the format, so you’re almost guaranteed to get a few treasures from playing it. It’s even more powerful if you happen to run into a deck that’s based around artifacts or enchantments. This card could also see play in Vintage, where the format is filled with 0 mana artifacts.

Wall of Stolen Identity is an on-theme clone for walls that also acts as pseudo removal. Is it a staple? No way, but it’s great support for anyone playing a defender deck.


Overall, this Commander 2019 deck looks solid. It has a fair amount of synergies, great card draw, and tons of valuable staple reprints. It’s definitely worth the value, although so far I would rank the Sultai deck slightly above this one.

What do you think of Mystic Intellect? Do you think there’s enough value, or should there have been some better reprints? Let us know down in the comments below! Then stay tuned for more Magic: The Gathering Commander 2019 spoilers.