Mythic Championship IV: Thoralf Severin wins with Mono-G Tron
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Mythic Championship IV has given us an exciting weekend of Magic: The Gathering Modern! We’ve seen Hogaak destroy the first two days of the event, Tron made a huge showing of itself, and of course, Arclight Phoenix decks did well. Today, we got to see the top 8 players from the event slug it out for the title of Mythic Champion, with Thoralf Severin coming out on top with Mono-G Tron.

The finalists

The finals for today came down to Thoralf Severin from Germany and Alvaro Fernandez Torres from Spain. Severin was on Mono-G Tron, a deck that did surprisingly well at this event possibly due to everyone dedicating their sideboards to battling Hogaak instead of it. In addition to that, however, the deck is just good. A good hand lets you effectively win the game on turn 3, which is exactly what you want to be doing in the very fast world of Modern!

Torres was on Hardened Scales Affinity, a variant of Affinity that showed up last year and did very well for itself. Despite the Mythic Championship format being rife with cards that really hurt Hardened Scales (Karn the Great Creator, Leyline of the Void), Alvaro Fernandez Torres navigated his way to the finals with masterful execution.

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The final Mythic Championship IV game

In the last game of Mythic Championship IV, we had quite the experience. We got to see Hardened Scales Affinity go off, attacking with a 15/15 Blinkmoth Nexus on turn 4. Despite this incredibly explosive attempt at closing the game, the attack left Thoralf at one single point of health. The entire broadcast was buzzing with excitement as Thoralf then utilized the Tron lands to cast Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger. Using Ulamog’s cast trigger, Thoralf exiled Torres’ massive Blinkmoth Nexus.

The next few turns were nail biters! Alvaro Fernandez Torres could have won had he just drawn a land and a Walking Ballista, but it did not happen. In fact, Thoralf drew a copy of Walking Ballista from his own deck to seal the deal and win!

Congrats to Thoralf Severin (@ToffelMTG) for winning the Mythic Championship IV in Barcelona! Mono-G Tron has been a staple of Modern for several, several years, and Thoralf has shown us why that is.