NBA 2K League Week Seven Power Rankings: Second half begins
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The NBA 2K League hits the second half of the season this week in what could be the most exciting week of the season. Week seven’s schedule has the top six teams in the standings playing two games. Games begin on Wednesday when Wizards District Gaming face Grizz Gaming at 6 p.m. ET.

Fans look to Friday night as the prime day to watch the NBA 2K League’s best compete. Undefeated Mavs Gaming play a doubleheader against two top-five teams in Kings Guard Gaming at 7 p.m. ET and 76ers GC at 10 p.m. ET. Second place Blazer5 Gaming close their week against Kings Guard Gaming before the Mavs and 76ers take the stage.

Fans can catch all 14 NBA 2K League games slated this week on Twitch and YouTube between Wednesday and Friday.

NBA 2K League Power Rankings

With seven out of the top 10 teams in action last week, there was bound to be some movement in the NBA 2K League power rankings. After a spotless week last week (and regular season), the NBA 2K League has a new team atop the list for the first time this year.

1. Mavs Gaming (2-0 Last Week, 9-0 Overall)

This may have been overdue, but Mavs Gaming’s early schedule never impressed. Last week, Mavs Gaming had a chance to make a statement and did so by defeating Bucks Gaming by 14. The Dallas squad also avoided the trap game against Pistons GT with a 22-point win. Point guard Artreyo “Dimez” Boyd has Mavs Gaming rolling into Friday ready for two big tests against Kings Guard Gaming and 76ers GC.

2. Blazer5 Gaming (2-0, 8-1)

Tighter than what it may have wanted, Blazer5 came out of week 6 with a 2-0 record. The Portland crew posted back-to-back eight-point wins over Raptors Uprising GC to open the week and Celtics Crossover Gaming later in the night. The wins were not the cleanest Blazer5 Gaming fans have seen. However, midway through the NBA 2K League season, plenty of teams in the league would trade for Blazer5’s current form.

3. Warriors Gaming Squad (1-1, 6-3)

Perhaps overlooking Bucks Gaming Thursday night cost Warriors Gaming Squad the top spot in this week’s power rankings. Warriors had everything clicking for themselves heading into the week, but they could not cool off the Bucks shooting from the field. Despite the loss, Warriors Gaming Squad squeezed out a win over 76ers GC to salvage the week and stay in the top three.

4. 76ers GC (1-1, 4-3)

A loss to Warriors Gaming Squad doomed 76ers GC from retaining the top spot. Add this to a one-point win over the struggling Heat Check Gaming and it is a recipe for questioning of the team. The Philadelphia squad was already having some consistency issues heading into last week. It does not get easier in week seven against Magic Gaming and Mavs Gaming on Thursday and Friday, respectively.

5. Pacers Gaming (0-0, 5-1)

A bye week last week could not come at a better time for Pacers Gaming. The Indiana team faces two of the top three teams in the league this week with Warriors Gaming Squad and Blazer5 Gaming. Fans hope to see that time off to prepare turn into two wins for Pacers Gaming.

6. Kings Guard Gaming (1-0, 7-2)

Kings Guard Gaming looked sharp in its lone game of the week against Pistons GT last week. The surprised NBA 2K League fans of previous weeks are now expecting this type of results from Kings Guard Gaming. For those who do not believe the growing hype of the Kings, week seven is the opportunity to see if Kings Guard Gaming is for real. They face both Mavs Gaming and Blazer5 Gaming on Friday.

Aaron "Arooks" Rookwood playing in the NBA 2K League
Aaron “Arooks” Rookwood playing in the NBA 2K League (Image via Bucks Gaming)

7. Bucks Gaming (1-1, 5-5)

Aaron “Arooks” Rookwood cannot do it all for Bucks Gaming, and this was evident again last week. Against Mavs Gaming, Arooks went off for 25 points. As for the rest of the team… 20 points. The next day, Bucks Gaming bounced back to beat Warriors Gaming Squad by shooting 26 of 37 from the field. It is clear with Bucks Gaming that as long as Arooks keeps producing and has at least some help from his teammates, this team is a playoff team.

8. T-Wolves Gaming (0-0, 3-5)

T-Wolves Gaming had the week off last week and it was needed to work together as a new squad. The Minnesota crew has another test on Friday against Cavs Legion GC. That game will show viewers exactly where T-Wolves Gaming stands after the midseason trade.

9. Magic Gaming (0-0, 3-4)

Another top 10 team that should have taken advantage of the bye week. This time, it is Magic Gaming with an important week to at least earn a split. Magic Gaming have the talent to compete for a playoff spot, but sometimes the team does not show. The Orlando group needs a win against Raptors Uprising GC or 76ers GC, or else it becomes a chase to make it back into the postseason picture.

10. Heat Check Gaming (0-2, 4-5)

The hype behind Heat Check Gaming is fading with each disappointing week. Celtics Crossover Gaming blew out Heat Check to open the week. 76ers GC followed by crushing the hearts of Heat Check fans with a single-point win. What was once a top team in the league to start the year has now found itself searching for answers. A perfect time for a bye week in Miami.

The remaining NBA 2K League teams rank as follows:

11. NetsGC (2-0, 5-4)
12. Celtics Crossover Gaming (1-1, 2-5)
13. Grizz Gaming (0-0, 3-4)
14. Jazz Gaming (0-1, 4-4)
15. Knicks Gaming (0-2, 1-6)
16. Raptors Uprising GC (1-1, 3-4)
17. Cavs Legion GC (2-0, 5-5)
18. Hawks Talon GC (0-0, 3-3)
19. Wizards District Gaming (0-0, 2-4)
20. Pistons GT (0-2, 1-8)
21. Lakers Gaming (0-2, 1-8)

Stay tuned for more NBA 2K League power rankings, and let us know if you have some strong opinions about them!