New Black Ops Cold War trailer confirms return of fan-favorite weapon
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With just a couple of weeks before the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, there’s still a ton of details we’re not aware of. While Activision is dropping some trailers and other clues, we’re in the dark about a slew of content. While leaks are starting to trickle in, the two biggest areas we’re unsure of as of right now are weapons and maps. The final map count likely won’t be leaked until a few days before release, but weaponry is a little different. It appears that the fan favorite Famas is returning in Black Ops Cold War.

Traditionally, we’ll start to receive some hints as to what weapons are in the full build of the game. Almost on cue, it seems those hints have already started to drop. Earlier today, Activision released a new trailer for the PC version of Black Ops Cold War and in it, we saw the fan-favorite weapon that’s 99% confirmed to be returning.

Famas set to return in Black Ops Cold War

The trailer above showcases the stunning beauty that the PC version of the game offers. There are more options than ever to step up the graphical fidelity of COD, so this is surely exciting for the PC community.

However, within the trailer, we saw some gameplay clips that showcased some new items coming to Black Ops Cold War. While most of it was hard to see, one item fans got a clear view of was the Famas assault rifle.

Though not anything official, there’s little else that weapon could be. The Famas first debuted in Call of Duty in the original Black Ops, which is set around the same time as the upcoming title. So the timeline for the weapon adds up.

We saw the Famas return in Modern Warfare as the FR 5.56 but it wasn’t the same as the original. While some fans might like the three-round burst nature of the gun, most players prefer the fully-auto version. It’s unclear which version will be in Black Ops Cold War, but at least we know the AR is returning for another year.

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