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It appears Epic Games isn’t through tinkering with the Shotgun category in Fortnite. A week after re-adding the Pump Shotgun, the in-game news section let everyone know the Drum Shotgun is on its way.

Although last week’s update was a big success, Epic Games obviously feels more can be done. The Shotgun category has long been the subject of controversy within Fortnite. From inconsistent damage outputs to strange vaultings, the shotguns in Fortnite are rarely in a stable spot. However, the weapon category finally seems to be in a good place with one exception: the Tactical Shotgun. With the Drum Shotgun coming soon, could the Tactical be on the way out?

The Drum Shotgun

Though we don’t know the exact date the Drum Shotgun will release, it’s a safe bet to assume it’s coming in this week’s update. While it’s possible that Epic Games will wait until next week, Wednesday morning is the current expectation.

Whenever it does arrive, how will it fit in with the current meta? Both the Combat and Pump Shotguns are popular high-damage weapons that aren’t going anywhere. Though we don’t have the statistics for the Drum Shotgun, we know it will be semi-automatic, which means low damage.

Along with the low damage output, we can assume it will possess a large magazine. This does make it more viable in some situations over a Pump Shotgun, but only in close-quarters combat.

The Drum Shotgun has the potential to take on a specific role within Fortnite. How it plays into that role still remains to be seen.

Is the Tactical Shotgun headed to the Vault?

For months, players have been complaining about how terrible the Tactical Shotgun is. The damage inconsistency and spawn rates are the main gripes among players. Although, with a new semi-automatic shotgun coming in, is the Tac finally going to the Vault?

It’s very possible that with Wednesday’s update the Tactical Shotgun will be sent to the Vault. There are rarely more than three shotguns in Fortnite, and the Drum Shotgun looks to be the Tac’s replacement.

We won’t know anything for sure until the Drum Shotgun is added in. However, it looks like the Tactical Shotgun’s days are numbered.

What do you think of the Drum Shotgun? Let us know in the comments below! Keep up with Daily Esports for all Fortnite news and updates

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