New League of Legends lore graphic has a bio for Ledros
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The League of Legends universe page, where the game’s lore and stories are housed, updated April 21 to include a new Roots of Ruin graphic which included a bio for Ledros.

The picture, which is a family tree of sorts for champions from the Shado Isles, includes another member along with Viego and Gwen. The new addition, Ledros, is positioned at the bottom, adjacent to Hecarim and Vladimir. This may be small teaser for the champion as the only other character in the graphic that is not in the game is Isolade.

league of legends roots of ruin graphic for the shadow isles, teases Ledros
Image via Riot Games

Who is Ledros in League of Legends lore

Ledros is a former fighter for Viego. The king’s champion was a powerful fighter but died with most of his army during their invasion of the Blessed Isles. In the story of the Shadow Isles, Viego became a reluctant king who fell in love with a peasant seamstress. His allies became cold as the king was more interested in Isolde, his wife, than governing his kingdom. His allies attempted to assassinate him, but the poisoned blade struck Isolde.

Distraught, Viego sent Kalista, Ledros’ lover, to find a cure. The swordswoman found a cure in the Blessed Isles, but returned too late. Viego invaded the peaceful land and ordered his guard to attack the existing locals. Kalista refused. She was then stabbed in the back by Hecarim, a fellow member of the king’s Iron Order. The king’s army was wiped out in the battle, but were cursed with the life-giving powers of the foreign land to roam the Shadow Isle.

Ledros was also a part of the massacre, but may be more in tune with his wife’s lore. She became a vengeful spirit to get back at Hecarim for his betrayal. His bio falls along those same lines.

“Bound forever by his love for Kalista, he spends his immortality taking vengeance upon her betrayers,” it says.

The character has been mentioned in the Shadow Isles lore before. He is a wandering wraith that battles with Hecarim — often while searching for a cure to Kalista’s curse. He has crossed paths with Thresh, Rise and Illaoi. The character was first introduced along with Viego around November of 2020. So far, there has been no official word if Ledros will become a League of Legends champion.

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