New mid lane mage and marksman detailed in latest League roadmap
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Riot Games has revealed the themes of the latest champions to be added to League of Legends, the company announced on April 26 in a blog post. 

The mid lane has been the focus of Riot in the blog post; Yasuo’s brother Yone was the last champion designed specifically for the role. Riot has designed two new champions to join the Rift later this year: a marksman and a mage.

The first champion to join the Rift is a marksman which, Riot said, will be utilized in the mid lane. Although details of the champion are scarce, the “Sentinel of Light” will “swing” on to the Rift in summer of 2021.  

Green grapple hook could be marksman ability
Riot attached an image of a green grapple hook. This could be one of the unnamed marksman’s abilities. Provided by Riot Games

“We felt a marksman designed for mid would both add a unique champion to the roster and could also be pretty appealing to a lot of mid lane assassin and skirmisher players,” Riot said. 

The mid lane mage will release after the marksman, Riot said, which was not the original intention. 

“We’ve decided our gloomy new yordle needed a bit more time in development as we needed to create some new tech to visually sell her source of power.” 

Riot revealed that the champion will feel similar to a classic mage rather than an artillery mage, as first intended. 

The two champions tie into Viego’s storyline. This includes Gwen, who was released on April 15. However, the details of their relationship has yet to be disclosed. 

The release date for both champions has not been announced. However, players can expect the mid lane marksman to be released sometime in summer. The mage will likely release toward the end of 2021. 

George is the lead reporter for Upcomer from the United Kingdom.