New Overwatch Experimental Patch buffs McCree and Orisa
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A new Overwatch Experimental Patch is out, and it includes changes to multiple Heroes. This update aims to continue trying to balance the roster after the big power creep update. Here are the changes and how they might impact the game.


Ashe is getting a small nerf to the damage of her dynamite. The damage when it explodes is going down from 75 to 50. The Overwatch team doesn’t want to continue nerfing her gun, so they are looking at other ways to change her. She will likely fall pretty far behind Widowmaker with this, who didn’t receive any nerfs this patch.


McCree is getting some small buffs to his Combat Roll and his Flashbang. The distance he rolls is up by 20% and he can now roll in the air. His Flash Bang now stuns for .1 seconds longer. This, along with the Ashe nerfs, might make him the more enticing mid-range hitscan Hero.


Baptiste got nerfed pretty hard a few patches ago and now he’s getting a small buff. His ultimate, Amplification Matrix, will now charge 15% faster. This should make him a better support pick in Overwatch matches.


Orisa is getting 50 more armor and her Primary Fire’s projectile speed is increasing from 90 to 120. This will make her shots land faster, but may take some time for Orisa players to adjust to. Ultimately, these changes should really help her out since she’s not in the best place at the moment.


Roadhog got nerfed last patch and will get a small buff here. His Chain Hook will now pull his targets .5 meters closer to him, which should help make it easier for him to execute his targets. While it’s questionable if he needs any power back, this will help ensure he’s still a strong pick.

Remember, all these changes are part of an experimental patch and may not necessarily make it to live Overwatch servers. If you want to try out the changes, you can do so in the experimental game mode. Let us know what you think of the patch in the comments below!