New Overwatch map reveals potential Overwatch 2 Hero
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For the first time in a long time, Overwatch released a new map on the Public Test Region (PTR). The new map, Kanezaka, is a Japanese town full of shrines, shops, and billboards. On one of these billboards, we get a look at what could be a new Overwatch 2 Hero.

Here’s a look at the billboard, the potential Hero, and why we think she might be a playable character in the future.

The potential Overwatch 2 Hero

On the billboard in question, there are Japanese characters along with the word “FUJITA” and a picture of what appears to be a girl in a mech. Apparently, this character, Brit, also appears in early concept art for Overwatch, suggesting she could have been a Hero.

We know that we won’t get any more Overwatch Heroes until Overwatch 2 comes out. Jeff Kaplan, the lead developer of the game, announced this after the release of Echo earlier this year in March. We do know that we will get more playable characters when the sequel releases, however.

We already know about Sojourn, a former captain of Overwatch that will come out with Overwatch 2. This character could be another that they plan to release with the game or later on.

When will we know?

As of right now, we know Blizzcon is on February 19 and 20. We can almost certainly expect to hear more about Overwatch 2 at the virtual convention. There will likely be some kind of beta or testing period before the game comes out, so don’t expect to get your hands on it before at least March or April in 2021.

As of right now, all we can do is speculate. The new billboard definitely could indicate something to come in the future, however, and it would be cool to get another Hero in a mech. Be sure to stay tuned for more news and speculation about Overwatch 2 leading up to Blizzcon.