New Overwatch patch changes Reinhardt, D.Va, Baptiste
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A new Overwatch patch is live and it comes with some big changes for Reinhardt, D.Va, and Baptiste. According to YouTuber Stylosa, the Overwatch team said that this is the last balance patch for the game.

Here are the Hero changes in the patch, and what might be in store for the future of the game.

Overwatch Hero Changes

Reinhardt: The iconic shield tank is getting some buffs to his damage and tankiness. These buffs should help him on the front line.

  • Rocket Hammer damage increase from 75 to 85 per swing
  • Base Armor increase from 200 to 250

D.Va: The Korean Mech Pilot is getting a slight change to her health and armor distributions which should make her a little more durable while in her mech.

  • D.Va will now have 300 Health and 300 Armor instead of 400 Health and 200 Armor

Baptiste: He’s getting some nerfs to his Immortality Field and his ultimate charge to help bring him in line with other healers.

  • Immortality Field Health down from 200 to 150
  • Ultimate Cost up 15 percent

These changes aim to help give a little power back to all three of these Heroes, who have seen some pretty significant nerfs over the years. This patch should help make them a little more viable in the coming months.

Is this the last balance patch?

Per Stylosa, according to the Overwatch team, this will be the final balance patch for the game. This likely means that, whatever this patch brings, we will have to deal with it until at least late February when Activision Blizzard will likely unveil Overwatch 2 at Blizzconline.

Ultimately, Overwatch will undoubtedly continue with Overwatch 2, so don’t fret. The game will almost certainly get more balance updates in the future once the new title comes out.

Be sure to check out the patch for yourself and stay tuned for more news about when the game might see its next big update.