New Star Guardian Little Legends for Teamfight Tactics
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Aside from the massive changes Riot routinely applies to Teamfight Tactics’ mechanics and meta, they also like adding cute animals. Patch 9.18 will introduce three new Little Legends to the game’s ever-expanding roster of Pokémon-esque beasts. Say hello to Fuwa, Shisa, and Dango: the Star Guardian Little Legends.

This is the fourth generation of Teamfight Tactics Little Legends since launch. This new batch has a decidedly 80s anime feel, as you can see from the image below. Just like the previous selection of Little Legends, which came out earlier this month, the Star Guardians come in a selection of recolors. Most variations sound upbeat and fun, like Lovestruck Fuwa and Bubblegum Dango. However, we are more excited to see what Corrupter Shisa and Last Wish Fuwa look like. Give us the edge, Riot.

Star Guardian Little legends tft teamfight tactics
The Star Guardian Little Legends are pretty kawaii. From the left: Shisa, Fuwa, and Dango.

The new Teamfight Tactics Little Legends will be live on PBE later this week, according to Riot’s announcement. They will be officially added to the game a few days after patch 9.18 drops. Players should be able to purchase the base forms of each new Star Guardian directly. All the variants will be available through Eggs, as usual.

Patch 9.18 item changes

The patch will also bring a number of big changes to items and minion drops. Riot is introducing a new component item, Sparring Gloves, and a whole new line of composite items built from it. In addition to all that, the entire item drop system will change.

Tft Riot teamfight tactics new items

Starting with Teamfight Tactics patch 9.18, boxes dropped by minions will come in different rarities. Boxes will drop either gold, an item, or a random champion. The probability of getting specific drops will be tied to the box’s rarity.

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