NumotTheNummy streaming Magic with Texas Rangers' Hunter Pence
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Kenji Egashira, also known by his pseudonym NumotTheNummy, will be part of a live Magic: The Gathering Twitch stream event alongside Hunter Pence of the Texas Rangers. In a tweet earlier today, Kenji revealed that he and Pence will be drafting together for about two hours on stream.


You can catch the stream on Tuesday, May 28 at 11:30 a.m. PT // 2:30 p.m. ET.


This stream will be taking place on the official Magic: The Gathering Twitch channel.

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Who is Hunter Pence?

Hunter Pence is a right fielder for the Texas Rangers baseball team. A former player for the San Francisco Giants, Houston Astros, and Philadelphia Phillies, Hunter is an accomplished baseball player who has made it to the World Series twice in his career. In addition to his baseball accomplishments, Hunter is also a lover of Magic: The Gathering.

It’s not often that the worlds of baseball and Magic cross, but here we are! In fact, if you search the main MTG subreddit, r/MagicTCG, for Hunter, you get a load of posts where fans have spotted him in LGSes or streaming Magic on Twitch. In fact, a couple of years ago Hunter and his wife became owners of the LGS Coral Sword in Houston, TX. As if that wasn’t enough, he also was able to spoil 2 cards  for Modern Horizons spoiler season that you can check out here!

Who is Kenji ‘NumotTheNummy’ Egashira?

Egashira is currently a professional Magic: The Gathering player who often streams on Twitch. A skilled Limited player and longtime MTG fan, Egashira is a renowned and active community member. If you ever want to catch up on past streams or get a feel of who Kenji is before watching the stream with Hunter Pence, you can check out his YouTube channel!

Wrap up

So, if you want to see a baseball star drafting with our very own Kenji Egashira, be sure to tune in tomorrow! It’s bound to be a good time!