OMG announces new roster for the 2020 LPL season
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With just hours left on the transfer season of the LPL, the Chinese League of Legends team Oh My God (OMG) announced their final roster for the upcoming splits. Many different changes happened to the team, but here is the final result.

GuoGuo and GoGoing leave OMG

Zeng “Guoguo” Jun-Li was the starting player for Oh My Dream (OMG’s development league team) and later became the substitute mid laner for OMG. At this point, it is unclear what Guoguo’s next step will be; however, it is unlikely he will remain gone from the scene for long. In addition to this, Gao “Gogoing” Di-Ping will be stepping down from his role as coach of OMG.

Re-signing Five & changing his name

The support for OMG, Liu “Cold” Shi-Yu, announced he will be changing his in-game name from Five for this season. This comes alongside the announcement he has re-signed with the organization. While the specifics of the contract are still unclear, it is expected the contract will be of similar length to the other contracts signed by the OMG players. This would be until after the 2021 season.

Besides re-signing Cold to the organization, the OMG roster has added two new players to the roster. Yang “H4cker” Zhi-Hao will become the team’s new starting jungle player. H4cker was previously the jungle player for Suning, with whom he competed from July of 2017.

Han “Smlz” Jin will become the substitute bot laner for the organization. Smlz first played under the OMG banner back in the 2016 and ’17 seasons, after which he left to compete for Rogue Warriors and Suning. It is expected that Smlz will be taking the starter position on OMG, over the other marksman on the roster, Chen “Kane” Hao.

The final addition to the OMG roster is the development league support of OMG Feng “Medusa” Jun-Da moving into the analyst role for the team. Medusa has performed a more coach-style role throughout his time on the development roster, having only played a total of five games in the 2019 season. This coaching position will be a great role for Medusa to move into and allow his skill set to better the OMG team.

The complete roster of OMG in 2020

Completing the roster are Chen “Curse” Chen in the top lane and Xie “icon” Tian-Yu in the mid lane. Being completely honest, the new lineup does not seem promising coming off a 2-13 Summer Split. However, maybe the introduction of the new players and the additional coaching staff will make enough difference to turn this team around.

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