Overwatch announces new Deadlock Challenge event after novel release
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Overwatch has announced a new Ashe-themed event named the Deadlock Challenge, starting on June 22. This event starts shortly after Activision Blizzard released a new young adult novel set in the Overwatch world. This “Deadlock Rebels” novel focuses on Ashe’s past, and her original interactions with McCree. This new event will give more information on one of the newest heroes in Overwatch. Like previous short events, fans can acquire a new skin by playing any game mode for a short time after June 22.

Ashe’s history and novel

After Ashe’s surprise reveal and release in late 2018, her story and relationships with other characters in Overwatch has been expanded. The novel will provide more context around Ashe’s outlaw group, the Deadlock Gang. Her most recognizable relationship is with former ally and cowboy Jesse McCree, which this new novel focuses on. After showing a part of their current relationship during Ashe’s reveal, this Deadlock Rebels novel focuses on their past.

Ashe Overwatch
An Ashe portrait. | Provided by Activision Blizzard.

As many characters within Overwatch fall either within the Talon or Overwatch organizations, Ashe was one of the outsiders. Giving more context as to how she came into power by interacting with future enemies may be interesting for fans. In a game that fans have wanted more lore for, these small events coincide with outside releases of comics, stories and videos. Symmetra, D.Va and now Ashe all had these events, giving more backstory on how they became heroes. This event starts on June 22, and like previous challenges will only last a week or two at most. This gives those who pride themselves on owning a complete skin or spray collection a short time to play enough games to unlock those items.

Also, with cross-play now in Overwatch, fans can test out the new integration while unlocking the new items in the Deadlock Challenge.

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