How to win $3,000 in the Overwatch Frag Video Contest
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The May Melee begins tomorrow, and the Overwatch League is giving fans a chance to win $3,000 in the Overwatch League Frag Video Contest. The contest runs from May 24 to May 29. Here’s what you need to know to enter and win. Keep in mind that only fans from America, Canada, the UK, and France can participate.

The Overwatch Frag Video Contest rules

To enter the Overwatch Frag Video Contest, you will need to make a highlight reel video using clips from the May Melee tournaments this weekend. You can get the clips to make the video off of the Overwatch League’s official YouTube channel or from their Replay Viewer.

The video can only include clips from the May Melee tournament, and it must not be over two minutes long. You can use music in the video, but it must come from a pre-approved library. The video must also use a specific Overwatch League card at the end of the video.

Deciding the winner

A panel of Overwatch “experts” will determine which videos are the best, and the top five will move on to the finals. The community will then get to vote on these five videos from June 2 to June 5 to determine the winner. This winner will earn $3,000, and their video will be posted on the official Overwatch League YouTube channel.

The best way to succeed in this contest will be to make a video that showcases the most hype moments from the tournaments. Using proper video editing skills and adding the right music for the moment will be key to winning. Of course, watching the games over the weekend will be helpful as well!

Be sure to check out the May Melee tournament this weekend and get a head start on your video. Remember, you can also earn Overwatch League Tokens again by watching this weekend! Make sure you don’t miss out.