Overwatch is testing a new profanity filter for text chat
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Like it or not, toxicity occurs in every online video game. People screaming in their mics and typing hateful slurs aren’t uncommon in online gaming. Overwatch is no different, and in the past, players have not had reasonable options to filter text chat. This is changing in the newest Public Test Realm (PTR) patch.

Overwatch is getting a profanity filter

While Overwatch has a voice chat, players often choose to use text chat to communicate. Some players don’t have microphones, some just don’t feel comfortable talking online, and many players use text chat to talk to players on the other team. Whatever the reason, text chat gives these players another way to communicate.

Unfortunately, players often use text chat to trash talk or harass others. When this happens, less-than-kind words get thrown around. Overwatch is adding a new profanity filter to the game to help keep the game friendly and inclusive for players.

The profanity filter will have three different settings, as follows:

  • Friendly: This setting will filter out anything that is seen as an offensive word or phrase.
  • Mature: This setting will filter out extremely offensive language, but allow some words.
  • Unfiltered: This will filter nothing.

Remember that none of these settings will impact voice chat, and you should still report people who use offensive language.

Hollywood’s elevators are changing

In addition to the profanity filter, there are changes to Overwatch‘s map, Hollywood. The elevators on Hollywood’s point B used to move slowly up and down without stopping. Now, they will stay on the ground until someone gets on them and then quickly go up. This will help Heroes without vertical mobility get on top of the buildings.

Be sure to check out the new profanity filters and set yours accordingly. Let us know what you think about the newest Overwatch changes.