Overwatch League Grand Finals will feature Zedd in performance
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The Overwatch League announced that DJ Anton Zaslavski, known professionally as “Zedd,” will perform at the Overwatch League Grand Finals on September 29. The Russian and German record producer, DJ, and songwriter is a fan of Overwatch himself, which makes this a perfect combination.


Overwatch League Grand Finals

“What’s up, guys! I’m incredibly excited to announce I am coming to [Philadelphia] to the Overwatch League Grand Finals,” said Zedd in the announcement video. “I am going to be performing [and] I’m going to see you guys there. I might be performing as Widow or as Tracer or as Zedd. I guess we’ll see.”

Before the reveal, the Overwatch League Twitter and a few professional players posted lyrics to some of Zedd’s most listened to songs. Zedd has previously also been to many Overwatch League events, despite his busy schedule as a DJ on tour. He also tweeted in September of 2018 that he had reached the highest rank in Overwatch‘s competitive mode, Grandmaster.

With someone performing who is familiar with Overwatch, this event shouldn’t suffer the same weird performance as last year’s. In 2018, producer DJ Khaled was brought in to do a 15-minute performance at the Overwatch League Grand Finals. With his lack of understanding toward Overwatch, though, his musical set could be described at best as “cringe.” It did not fit in with the esports crowd, despite him randomly shouting “Overwatch League” in the middle of a song.

Zedd in performance

Zedd has won the Billboard Music Awards for Top Dance/Electronic Album for 2016’s “True Colors,” while 2019’s “The Middle (ft. Maren Morris & Grey)” won the Award for Top Dance/Electronic Song. He also won a Grammy Award for 2014’s “Clarity” for Best Dance Recording. Zedd has also won the iHeartRadio Music Award, MTV Video Music Award, and Teen Choice Awards for several of his other songs.

The Vancouver Titans defeated the New York Excelsior 4 – 3 to advance to the Grand Finals. The winner of Hangzhou Spark and San Francisco Shock in Losers’ Round 3 will go on to play against New York Excelsior in the Losers’ Finals. Then, this winner will play the Vancouver Titans in the Grand Finals. The Overwatch League Grand Finals will take place at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on Sept 29.

Ethan Chen is a writer with over 3 years of experience covering esports, gaming, and business.