Overwatch League releases Match Replay Viewer
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One of the biggest things fans have asked for in the Overwatch League is access to full replays of league matches. In the first season, this seemed like something that’d be possible in a couple years, but last year’s World Cup had its own replay viewer. Not only was it awesome, allowing fans to watch whoever they wanted and learn from the games, but they could even watch matches live through it. Well, after half of the second season, it’s finally here for the main league.

Overwatch has just released the Replay Viewer via the Blizzard App.

What does the replay viewer mean for fans?

When watching an Overwatch League game, there are limitations to what you can see and hear. There will always be the voices of the shout casters, as well as the limited view from the people behind the Twitch channel. Unless you paid for the All-Access Pass, you only saw what the people in charge of the stream wanted you to. Plus, that was all you could see after the game was over.

Now you can download the viewer on the Blizzard app and view the matches from Stage 3 on from any perspective. Also, for content creators who lived on reviewing match replays to highlight key plays and strategies, this opens the floodgates for them. No longer do they have to guess where Lucios are because they can only see the fight from a single, forced perspective. They finally have access to replays, much like players and coaches do.

This also means that people can learn from these competitive matches easier than ever before. If you wanted to watch one player’s perspective for an entire match and take notes, you now have the freedom and time to do so.

How do I get the viewer?

When you download the Blizzard App (formerly Battle.net Launcher), head into the Overwatch section. You should see a list above the ‘Play’ button labeled ‘Region/Account’, in which you can select ‘Professional Viewer’. Hitting ‘Install’ should download the entire thing quickly, after which you just hit Play.

Will you be taking the viewer for a test drive yourself? Let us know how it goes in the comments!

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