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While the Overwatch League is still wrestling with what to do for the World Cup, they do have a plan for the OWL Grand Finals 2020. The Overwatch League Grand Finals 2020 has a virtual home that the League unveiled today, and it has a rather familiar vibe.

Commenters were quick to point out that the virtual stadium looks like the old Blizzard Arena. Others mentioned that it looked like the stadium used in the Lúcioball mode. One observer tweeted that it looks like “if Blizz Arena and the Lucioball stadium had a baby,” to which Jon Spector replied, “That actually sounds pretty close to the design brief we had for this.”

OWL Grand Finals will begin on October 8. Seoul Dynasty will face off against the San Francisco Shock in one corner. The Philadelphia Fusion will face the Shanghai Dragons in the other. The Shanghai Dragons team is the favorite to win it all, but everyone knows that anything can happen in these tournaments. There’s the saying for the NFL that any team can win “any given Sunday,” and the same goes for esports tournaments.

Possible virtual home for World Cup?

So many esports tournaments have had to cancel or move to virtual arenas due to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s great that the Overwatch League found a way to keep the 2020 season going, despite this global crisis. We can only hope that the League will find a similar solution for the World Cup.

It’s not too far out of the ballpark to think that if this weekend goes smoothly for Grand Finals, the League might utilize a virtual home for the World Cup. However, the World Cup has been postponed until 2021, and who knows where the world will be next month, much less next year. The League definitely has time to sort it out.