Overwatch re-releases league Championship and MVP skins
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For a limited time, the Overwatch team has re-released the league’s championship and MVP skins for in-game purchase. Originally, these Overwatch League skins were limited time drops, for just after teams won the championship or a player won MVP. In other words, newer fans that missed that inaugural season MVP or championship skin can get them for a short time. The access to these old skins ends on Aug. 24.

Old Championship and MVP skins return

Ever since the first Overwatch League season, the best teams and players got custom skins to show off their accomplishments. The original two skins that started this trend were the league MVP skin and the Championship skin. The first league MVP Bang “JJoNak” Sung-hyeon got his own Zenyatta skin named Zen-Nakji. Not long after that, the London Spitfire’s championship win led to the Flying Ace skin for Winston.

Overwatch re-release league skins
All the available league skins. | Provided by Activision Blizzard

For the second season, three skins came out for the Overwatch League. The first was the GOAT Brigitte skin, representing the meta that dominated the second season of the league. The second was the first Championship skin for the San Francisco Shock, the Thunder Doomfist skin. The third skin for that year was for the 2019 league MVP Jay “sinatraa” Won, the Alien Zarya skin. However, that particular skin is no longer available. After controversy with Sinatraa, the Overwatch team permanently removed the skin from the game.

In addition, the most recent 2020 Championship and MVP skins aren’t available at this time. This includes skins like the San Francisco Shock championship Roadhog skin and the Kim “Fleta” Byung-sun MVP Echo skin.

Re-releasing league skins for the first time

This is something new for Overwatch League fans. With all the regular cosmetic skins accessible during specific events at least once a year, these league skins were only accessible at those times in 2018 and 2019. Re-releasing those skins gives fans  another opportunity to represent their favorite teams in-game.

Now, more Overwatch fans can show their support with the re-release of the league’s older skins.

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