Overwatch releases 'Stone By Stone' story, focusing on Symmetra and Zenyatta
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Just today, Overwatch released a new Symmetra story named “Stone By Stone,” focusing on her and Zenyatta. With all the heroes within the world of Overwatch, lore has slowly but surely been released. In doing this, the writers are giving us a better idea of who these heroes are. This is the first major addition of lore to the Overwatch world focusing on Zenyatta and his beliefs.

A journey of change

To start, this story begins with a trip Satya Vaswani (Symmetra) had in her career. Specifically, a trip to an omnic temple to fix some damage done to a statue by the Vishkar Corporation. On this path, omnics don’t let her enter. Luckily enough, Zenyatta trusts her, and guides her through the temple. Afterward, the two talk about the broken statue as well as the beliefs of the temple.

After looking at the problem, she decides to stay at the temple and follow their rules. Some key lessons learned during this time were how the temple is open to all, to make connections, and to help whoever needs it. Also, Zenyatta mentions how the mistakes in life can mean more, and how the broken statue isn’t something the pilgrims here are sorrowful over. In the end, she accepts the damage done to the statue as something the Vishkar Corporation had done by accident. Yet, after time and learning, she comes up with a better idea than just fixing the statue. The redesign done shows a loving, accepting statue fully inspired by the lessons she’s learned.

Overwatch evolves onwards

For fans in the community that have been asking for Zenyatta lore, it’s finally here. That said, though, the story was more so about Symmetra’s journey in her trip to the temple. However, the beliefs Zenyatta has and how they affect him is something fans have wanted to learn. Plus, the connection between these two heroes is interesting to learn more about. Back in 2016, Symmetra had a comic about her backstory involving fixing Rio de Janeiro, but this story is set at a different time and involves the omnics more.

Of course, like other story releases, this book comes with an event in the game where you can obtain a limited edition skin. This event lasts from November 17-30. Seeing how the Overwatch world is changing for the release of Overwatch 2 is getting fans excited.

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