Perfecto replaces GuardiaN on Na'Vi as s1mple gets back to AWPing
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Natus Vincere has finally signed a replacement for Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovács. Ilya “Perfecto” Zalutskiy has come on board from the CSGO team Syman Gaming. Perfecto will take up the rifler role, making space for Na’Vi’s star, Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev, to fully return to his primary AWPing role within the CIS team.

Perfecto comes on board

Na’Vi had been searching for an appropriate replacement for Guardian for some time now. The team allegedly had made contact with forZe about the acquisition of Evgeniy “FL1T” Lbedev. The hopes of FL1T coming on board were short-lived, however, after neither forZe nor FL1T was open to the acquisition. This did not stop Na’Vi from continuing their search, ultimately signing Perfecto and benching GuardiaN with immediate effect.

S1mple back on the AWP

Signing Perfecto, a rifler, is no mistake on behalf of Na’Vi. The CIS squad wants to hand the AWPing role back to s1mple. GuardiaN made an unfortunate return to Na’Vi from FaZe Clan, failing to live up to many’s expectations. The Ukrainian AWPer is still a top 2 player in the world, as he has ranked second this year, right behind his rival, Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut. It would be a real shame if s1mple were not utilized to the best of his ability. In the 2020 CSGO season, s1mple will once again be unshackled to cause mayhem with his undeniably strong AWPing capabilities.

s1mple will now be able to focus on AWPing on Na’Vi.

GuardiaN a free agent

The transfer has led to GuardiaN looking for a new team. The past couple of months were tough on the Slovakian, failing to find his stride and rhythm within the ranks of Na’Vi. After being benched in FaZe Clan, the latter half of 2019 was not the best for GuardiaN. However, given the AWPer’s experience, MVP awards, and overall form, he surely will find a new home in the coming weeks or months. Perhaps there we may see the 28-year-old show his true skill.

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