Pistols-only Apex Legends community event Gunslinger coming June 28
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Apex Legends resource site ApexData is holding their first community event in advance of Season 2. The event, called Gunslinger, will pit players from all around the world in a head-to-head race to score the most pistol kills.


The event is free and open to players on console and PC, all of whom compete in the same pool. Participating players will try to score some big numbers with the Wingman, P2020, and RE-45. The three challengers to get the most pistol kills possible in two days win.

Apex Legends P2020
The P2020 has some gorgeous skins, but it’s currently useless.

Challengers need to make an ApexData account and sign up for the event. ApexData uses the Apex Legends in-game stat trackers, so players will also need the Pistol Kills tracker unlocked and equipped. After that, it’s all a matter of how good you are with a Wingman, as the other two guns can’t compete in the current Apex Legends meta. If ApexData holds a second event like this in Season 2, we might see some more diverse load-outs stepping up to the plate.

Rules and rewards

The Gunslinger event will take place between June 28 and 30. It’s open to participants worldwide without restrictions, but there are only 300 spots, so signing up on time is key. Players can sign-up with multiple accounts, but their scores will not be added together.

Official ApexData Apex Legends Gunslinger banner

All participants will receive unique badges for their ApexData profiles. These are site-only and will not display on your actual Apex Legends banner, of course. The top three scorers will also get monetary prizes and flashier badges.  You can read the full event instructions and rules on the official Gunslinger page.

Aspiring champions should check back soon for our upcoming guides for the RE-45 autopistol and the Wingman. We have also reached out to ApexData for additional event details and will update you as soon as we know more. In the meantime, stay tuned to Daily Esports for more Apex Legends news and updates!