Players find a weird slide bug in Black Ops Cold War multiplayer alpha
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The multiplayer Alpha for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has gone about as expected. Players are complaining about Skill-Based Matchmaking, metas are forming, and bugs are being discovered. While it’s not great for the current build, the alpha test is supposed to be a way for the developers to iron these issues before launch. One problem Treyarch will definitely need to look at is the slide mechanic as a whole. While slide-canceling is confirmed to be getting fixed, another slide bug has popped up that could need fixing.

Black Ops Cold War slide bug found in the alpha

When the content creators played at the worldwide multiplayer reveal, it was immediately noticed that slide-canceling was back. A feature from Black Ops 4, this mechanic is essentially a way to ensure you don’t lose momentum after sliding. You can simply cancel the animation midway through and repeat the process over and over, giving you extra movement.

However, Treyarch has previously stated this quirk is being tweaked when the open beta launches. So for current Black Ops Cold War players making use of slide-canceling, don’t get too comfortable. Although, if you’re using a recently discovered bug with the slide mechanic, that’s another story.

First made public by some streamers on Friday, we’re not sure if this a concrete bug or not. It’s hard to tell if this quirk with sliding was intended by Treyarch or not. You can have a look for yourself down below.

From the looks of it, this mechanic allows you to get nearly double the distance with one slide. Many players are calling this movement mechanic the revamped “G-Slide.” The term was made popular by a similar mechanic in Black Ops 3 that was eventually patched.

As of right now, it’s unclear whether or not Treyarch plans to fix the anomaly or let it stand for the open beta. However, we don’t see this current feature in the alpha making it to the full release of the game unless it’s a fully intended mechanic implemented by the developers. Presumably, we’ll have to wait until November 13 to find out.

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