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Playfly Sports has officially acquired both the Collegiate StarLeague (CSL) and WorldGaming Network (WGN) to create a new esports division. As a result, the Philadelphia-based sports marketing firm will establish its presence in the collegiate and semi-pro esports market. This acquisition means that the company will focus on enhancing the amateur esports-athlete experience, providing opportunities for several school campuses.

The start of a new division and more opportunities for aspiring esports professionals

Nerd Street Gamers COO Philadelphia Flyers executive Rob Johnson will manage Playfly Sports’ new esports division starting October 5. He shared his thoughts regarding the acquisition and what this means for Playfly Sports moving forward. “This dynamic new partnership will enable us to expand innovative esports offerings to existing and potential partners in college, high school, and traditional sports,” he commented. “I’m looking forward to working closely with Wim and Michael in making Playfly Sports esports’ industry leader.”

Also, the CEO of esports event operator Collegiate StarLeague Wim Stocks will serve as Playfly Sport’s Chairman. Alongside the team of executives will be Playfly Sports Founder and CEO Michael Schreiber.

Working together with partnerships and educational institutions

CSL currently has over 11,000 teams across its network. It hosts several tournaments and on-campus events for collegiates, offering scholarship money as prizes. There are four leagues for over 1,800 universities in the 2020-2021 year. The event operator also has HyperX and Twitch Student as sponsors and will operate as a subsidiary of Playfly Sports.

Semi-pro esports tournament network WGN offers a professional path for amateur esports athletes. Using its network of partnerships with all four major North American sports leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL), WGN provides opportunities for gamers to make connections for free. Additionally, WGN offers customized tournaments and events, also operating under Playfly Sports.

Schreiber shared a few comments on the announcement: “We are committed to advancing the mission of student-athletes and believe that bringing CSL and WGN into the Playfly family will enable us to reach new students and enhance the experience of existing gamers,” he said. “We are also looking for new partnerships with institutions focused on growth and innovation and believe esports will be a significant part of the future.”

Other investors in the acquisition include the Baltimore-based investment firm Access Holdings and diversified media company Sinclair Broadcast Group.