Pokémon GO announces changes to the GO Battle League
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The fifth season of the GO Battle League in Pokémon GO is nearing its end, and there are exciting changes coming for Season 6 starting November 30, 1:00 PM PT. Changes to ranks, rewards, and more are coming.

Here are the changes that are coming for the next season.

Pokémon GO is bringing new ranks and rewards to PVP

In the past, the GO Battle League had 10 ranks. Players would earn rewards based on which rank they finished in. There were rewards for each set of five battles along with end-of-season rewards.

In season 6, there will be 24 total ranks, and the top four ranks will have new names and badges. The rank-reward system is getting an update too. Certain ranks will only require one set of battles to progress through and will offer unique rewards.

  • Rank 5: The rewards will be mystery items.
  • Rank 10: The rewards will be Stardust.
  • Rank 15: The rewards will be Rare Candies.
  • Rank 19: The rewards will be Pokémon encounters.

Special Pokémon will be available for rewards at the following ranks.

  • Various Ranks: Various starting Pokémon
  • Rank 16: Chespin
  • Rank 17: Fennekin
  • Rank 18: Froakie
  • Rank 20: Guaranteed surprise encounter
  • Legend Rank: Pikachu Libre

If you reach Legend Rank (rank 24) in Pokémon GO, you will get special avatar items inspired by N, the leader of Team Plasma in Pokémon Black and White.

Not everything is changing, however, like the battle formats. Season 6 will include a cycle just like in the past, starting with the Great League, swapping to the Ultra League on December 14, and then ending with the Master League from December 28 to January 4.

During the Master League cycle, the Holiday Cup will also be available. The CP limit for this cup will be 1,500, and only Normal, Grass, Electric, Ice, Flying, and Ghost types will be allowed.

Be sure to get your Battle League party together in Pokémon GO and get ready for the PVP season!