Pokémon GO Battle League Season 1 begins next week
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Pokémon GO has revealed that Season 1 of the GO Battle League will begin on Mar. 13 and run through Apr. 30. The GO Battle League includes a ranked player versus player (PvP) ladder that players can climb to earn rewards, such as rare items and Pokémon.

The Pokémon GO Battle League

The GO Battle League was officially announced at the end of January and began rolling out its first preseason over the course of the following weeks. The preseason went through the three different battle formats available in Pokémon GO PvP: Great League, Ultra League, and Master League.

Players were able to get a taste of the different battling formats while earning rewards in the preseason. The League also underwent maintenance a number of times during the preseason so that Niantic could fix issues with the league. Hopefully, they have all the kinks worked out for season 1.

Season 1

Season 1 of the Pokémon GO Battle League will work the same way as the preseason. Players will be able to play five battles at a time and earn rewards and rankings based on how they do in those battles. To earn battles, players will need to walk three kilometers or pay Poké Coins (in-game currency).

Using Premium Raid Passes can earn players additional rewards. These rewards will include bonus Stardust, TMs, and Rare Candy. The Premium entry also changes how many wins are necessary for certain rewards, making it easier to get rare rewards with fewer wins.

Season 1 will rotate through formats just like the preseason. It will start in the Great League, move to the Ultra League, and then to the Master League.

Be sure to have your Great League team ready to battle when Mar. 13 comes around! Which Pokémon do you plan on using to work your way up through the ranks in the GO Battle League?