Pokémon GO February Community Day to feature Roselia
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Niantic has officially announced the Pokémon for Pokémon GO‘s February Community Day, and it will be Roselia. There isn’t an exact date for the event yet, but we do have some details.

Here’s what we know so far, including some more information on Roselia.

February Community Day

As with all Community Day events, February Community Day will feature increased spawns for a specific Pokémon. In this case, it’s going to be Roselia. Roselia will have increased odds of being shiny, and if you evolve it during the event, it will learn special moves.

In the past, the featured Pokémon would only learn one special move upon evolution, but it looks like Roselia will learn two. It will likely get a unique fast move and a unique charge move. We should know more about what moves these are soon.


Who is Roselia?

Roselia is a Grass/Poison-type Pokémon from the Hoenn Region. Originally, it didn’t have an evolution, but once Pokémon from Sinnoh came around, it got its evolution, Roserade. It also got a baby Pokémon, Budew, in the same generation.

Roserade is a relatively strong Grass and Poison attacker in Pokémon GO that will surely get a big boost from the moves it gets on February Community Day. Depending on what they are, they should help give it a boost and make it more viable in the GO Battle League and raid battles.

To evolve Roselia in Pokémon GO, you will need 100 Roselia Candy and a Sinnoh Stone. When Magmar and Electabuzz were the Community Day Pokémon, there were field quests that rewarded Sinnoh Stones, so we can likely expect that to happen again.

We will surely hear more about the February Community Day in the coming weeks, such as when it is, what the special moves are, and the other bonuses the day will offer. Be sure to stay tuned!