Pokémon Sword and Shield: How to collect and use Watts
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Watts are an important form of currency in Pokémon Sword and Shield. You can collect and use them in the Wild Area to get valuable items. Here are the best ways to get Watts and what you should be spending them on.

The different ways to collect Watts

There are several ways to collect Watts in the Wild Area. Beating the main storyline will also increase these amounts.

Raid Dens

The easiest way to collect Watts in the Wild Area is to visit Raid Dens. Before beating the main storyline, empty Raid Dens will award 50 Watts and Dens with beams will award you 200. These numbers increase to 200 and 2,000 respectively after beating the game. You can obtain Watts one time from each Raid Den every day.

Brilliant Pokémon

Brilliant Pokémon appear to be “shining” (not to be confused with shiny Pokémon) in the overworld in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Catching or knocking them out will grant varying amounts of Watts. These are rare, however, so be sure to always battle them when you see them.

Brilliant Pokémon

The Rotom Rally

You can compete in the Rotom Rally once you have the Bike. You can race by talking to one of the Wild Area Watt Traders and selecting the “The Rotom Rally” option. They will then ask you where you want to go. The longer the distance and the better you perform, the more Watts you will get.

Spending Watts

Watts can be spent on various items in the Wild Area by speaking to Watt Traders. You can use them to upgrade your Rotom Bike, buy Technical Records (TRs), Wishing Pieces, and/or Poké Balls. These Traders each have random TRs and Poké Balls that change daily. They will always have Wishing Pieces, which you can use to spawn Raid Pokémon.

Be sure to collect as many Watts as you can, especially if you plan on playing Pokémon competitively! You will need a lot of TRs, and it can get pretty pricey. Happy hunting!