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Zacian V is a powerful card that we got to see in quite a few decks during the Pokémon Players Cup 2. While these decks fell short of making it to the finals, they are still some of the best decks in the current competitive format.

Here are some of the best cards to put in Zacian V decks, along with some tips on how to play the decks.

Zacian V essentials

Zacian V

The deck’s namesake is the most essential card in the deck. Its ability, Intrepid Sword, will end your turn and draw three cards, you can also attach any Steel Energy cards drawn this way to Zacian V. Its attack costs three energy and does a whopping 230 damage.

Arceus, Dialga, & Palkia GX

This is one of the best cards in the current format and allows you to deal significant damage while getting energy on your Pokémon. Its GX move makes all your attacks do an extra 30 damage and allows you to take an extra prize card each time you KO an opposing Pokémon.

Metal Saucer

This card is an absolute must for any steel deck. It allows you to get a Steel Energy from your discard pile and attach it to a Pokémon on your bench. Metal Saucer isn’t expensive either, so you should be able to get four of them easily.

How to play the deck

The most important part of playing this deck is getting a Zacian V on the bench. Once you have one, it can use Intrepid Sword to draw and get energy. If you don’t start with one, use a Quick Ball or other draw cards to get one as fast as possible.

While you are stacking energy and drawing cards with Zacian, you should use your turns to play Energy cards on Arceus, Dialga, and Palkia. Once it has enough energy, you can make it your active Pokémon to stack more energy cards on your bench Pokémon. You should also use its GX move to get the extra prize cards.

This deck excels in a few matchups, but it can struggle against Fire-type decks. Be sure to know your matchups and play your cards right!