Pokémon UNITE 8/18 Patch Notes Breakdown: Snorlax nerfs and more
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The second-ever Pokémon UNITE game update was announced on Tuesday, August 17. The update, which will go live at 3 AM EST on Wednesday, August 18 will bring bug fixes and balance changes to many Pokémon as well as the first adjustments to battle items. Here is a breakdown of the important changes coming in the new Pokémon UNITE patch notes update.

Pokémon UNITE patch notes buffs: Crustle, Garchomp, Goal-Getter, Fluffy Tail, X-Attack

The two Pokémon targeted with buffs during this patch are Crustle and Garchomp. Both have been outclassed by better choices in their respective classes, indicating these buffs are much needed.

Crustle is having its Stealth Rock move cooldown and damage buffed. Rock Tomb is also receiving a damage increase.

Garchomp is getting a trio of changes, starting with its movement speed changing. How it’s changing hasn’t been detailed in the patch notes. Bulldoze is getting a damage buff and Dragon Rush is getting a lower cooldown.

Also on the list of buffs are some battle items that do not see any play. For the first time since the release of the game, battle items are getting buffed. This time around Goal-Getter, Fluffy Tail, and X-Attack are getting stat increases. Fluffy Tail in particular is designed to be the premier jungle item and it sees zero play. This buff will hopefully make it more viable.

Wigglystuff, Cinderace, Alolan Ninetales, Gardevoir, Cramorant are all also receiving various bug fixes.

Pokémon UNITE patch notes adjustments/nerfs: Greninja, Slowbro, Snorlax, Eject Button

Snorlax has reigned supreme in the metagame for too long and is finally getting nerfed. After weirdly dodging the first patch, Snorlax is getting three nerfs and a buff to help offset the impact. On the nerf side, Heavy Slam is getting a damage to nerf and Block is seeing its CC push back get weakened. Snorlax’s UNITE move will also heal Snorlax for less HP overall. The one buff Snorlax is receiving is to its Flail move which may open a new upgrade path for the premier tank.

Slowbro is also getting adjusted. Unlike Snorlax, Slowbro is only having two moves changed; one is a nerf and one is a buff. The nerf is to Slowbro’s Surf move, whose CC duration is getting decreased. As for the buff, along with some bug fixes, Scald will now do more damage.

Greninja is the last Pokémon getting an adjustment, but it seems more like a buff potentially. Smokescreen, Greninja’s premier move is getting double nerfed in cooldown and effectiveness. But to compensate, Water Shuriken and Double Team are both getting cooldown buffs and Water Shuriken is getting a damage buff as well.

To round out the adjustments, Eject Button is getting a nerf. Similar to Flash from League of Legends, Eject Button has been the premier battle item in Pokémon UNITE. But since players can only take one battle item into a game, Eject Button has universally been the number one pick. To create some diversity, Eject Button is getting nerfed.

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