Pokémon UNITE update includes UI changes and QOL improvements
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Pokémon UNITE announced an update this morning to celebrate the release of the mobile version of the game. The new update comes with loads of new skins, a new space teamed Battle Pass and balance updates to several Pokémon in the game.

What general updates are coming in Pokémon UNITE

Every player will receive pre-registration gifts for the mobile version. Due to the mobile version of Pokémon UNITE gaining five million pre-registrations, all players will receive in-game gifts.

These gifts include:

Pikachu Unite license
Festival Style: Pikachu Holowear
1000 Aeos Tickets

In order to receive the rewards on a switch account, players simply must link their mobile account to their Nintendo account. Players must launch the game on mobile and they will be given the option to link an account.

pre-registration update for Pokemon Unite
Access the Pre-registration event by pressing ZL on the home page and scrolling to Events. | Provided by Pokémon UNITE

The new Battle Pass will be space themed and can be purchased for 499 Zirco coins. It includes Space Gengar and Lucario outfits. The pass also allows players to get an astronaut outfit for their profile.

Along with the pre-registration gifts, there are also UI and quality of life upgrades coming to the game. New events have been added for new players: one that gives players the Zeraora Unite License and also for the new super held items.

Zeraora Registration event
Players will be able to get these prizes and a Zeraora Unite License at the end. | Provided by Pokémon UNITE

The update comes with a UI update and the ability to spectate other matches, which is incredibly important for its growth as an esport. Players can now give the “Good Job” accolade. Previously, there was no way to give positive affirmation in the game. A battle guide has also been added to the game as well, which details more information for new players. Finally, the Nintendo Switch version can now be played without an internet connection at a limited capacity.

Pokemon Unite battle guide
A Battle Guide has been added for newer players. | Provided by: Pokemon Unite

Concerning the previous Battle Pass, any points from completing missions in Season 1 can no longer be claimed. However, those items that are pending for reaching new levels will be transferred over at a later time, along with the  Battle Pass prize boxes.

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