Pokémon World Championships 2019 finalist stunned as his trophy breaks
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When picking up the sweet trophy that every player is proud to earn, you would expect it to last. Sadly for one Pokémon finalist, the trophy literally fell apart in his hands during the ceremony. The 2019 World Championships took place this year in Washington D.C., and the infamous trophy-breaking moment has since gone viral. The video features Isaac Terceira, a finalist from the United States who was on stage to pick up his trophy. It was an unexpected moment for both Terceira and the shocked staff person who handed it to him. This was clearly something neither one was expecting.

The Junior finalist gets his trophy and a key piece of it breaks off. He looks stunned wondering just what is going on. This is clearly an embarrassing moment for both Pokémon and Teceira. It’s funny for the viewers that watched, but not for the person it happened to.

Right after this happens they are quick to shoo him off the podium. While Pokémon tournaments don’t have the biggest prize pools, you would think they would at least invest in better-quality trophies. That trophy literally broke apart like a poorly manufactured toy. The worst part is all of this aired live for the world to see live on Twitch. Talk about a bad memory you don’t want to have constantly relived. You can check out the clip for yourself below.

Clearly, this was a one-off event with a defective trophy for this particular event. Players work hard to earn those trophies and deserve quality for it though. The least they can do is replace it for this young finalist. No official statement has been made yet regarding this incident, but thanks to the internet, the video will live on forever. Let’s hope for the next World Championships that they find a better trophy manufacturer.