Professional Apex Legends players want the Kings Canyon map removed
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The time may have finally come for the original Apex Legends map to be retired. While casual and professional players alike called for Kings Canyon to return after Season 3, the nostalgia has worn off. After several seasons of the map being in both casual and competitive play, there are calls for KC to be removed. The general consensus is that since gameplay has advanced, the design of Kings Canyon no longer works. This is especially true for professional play, as various players have requested a retirement. The spearhead for this request is streamer and pro player, NiceWigg.

NiceWigg requests Kings Canyon be removed from Apex Legends

Over the weekend, the popular streamer and current player for Yeet Squad, NiceWigg sent out a few tweets that riled up the community. The thread was directed at Respawn Entertainment’s stubbornness in removing Kings Canyon from at least competitive play.

At the center of NiceWigg’s argument is the fact that the community has outgrown the map’s nuisances. While the area as a whole looks great, the design is more meant for lower level players due to its close-knit locations. NiceWigg explains that “it creates nothing but third parties and an overall negative environment for the majority of players.”

The “majority of players” mainly refers to the more advanced users in Ranked and competitive players. The streamer is correct though, as Kings Canyon is notorious for constant action and not a lot of strategy. The map is so small that anytime shots are heard, teams come running and third-party any engagement.

If NiceWigg and his fellow players get their wish, then World’s Edge would be the competitive map of choice for Apex Legends in Season 7. However, there’s no telling what Respawn has planned for the next season of professional play. This, of course, is barring the rumored Olympus map’s arrival into the battle royale.

We should find out Respawn’s decision on this matter when Season 7 arrives on November 10. You can check out more about the upcoming season in our previous article.

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