PUBG Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card now available on Xbox One and PS4
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If you love spy films and of course PUBG, the next Survivor Pass has you covered for both. Think of it as paying homage to spy films where you can now don slick suits and cocktail dresses and literally be “dressed to kill.” Of course, for those who don’t prefer the more tailored look, you can also feel free to put on some of the more modern-looking clothes options. All of this is out now in Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This has to be one of the coolest DLC packs to be released as of late, not including the previously mentioned John Wick one for Fortnite.

What else is new

Players can earn over 60 different rewards, with new missions. Premium Survivor Pass 3 can also be unlocked by redeeming 1,000 G-Coin for it or purchase it from the PlayStation and Microsoft Stores. This gives you extra missions, more exclusive rewards, a Survivalist Backpack, Space Ranger Pose, a Red Form-fitting Dress, plus more. You only have from now until August 5 if you want to grab this, so don’t miss out, PUBG players. You can also unlock weapon skins through new challenge missions:

Survivor Pass missions are specifically designed to help you progress your skills, while earning the Pass XP you need to unlock your rewards. With new Beginner missions and streamlined Daily and Weekly missions, earning XP and rewards is easier than ever! Plus, earn unique weapons skins by completing special challenges with different weapons!

PUBG clearly wants its players to get classy, and it seems they will do just that. How many take advantage of that remains to be seen. For the extra amount it costs to get the Premium Survivor Pass you are getting a lot of content in return, so for those who truly care about skins, extra rewards, etc., it may be worth shelling out some real-world currency.