Rainbow Six Pro League NA, EU and Asia matches underway
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The Rainbow Six Pro League Stage 1 for NA, EU, and Asia is underway. With the Rainbow Six Major’s cancellation, each region will fight for a quarter of the overall prize money. While Asia and EU players will play their matches online, North American games will be taking place at The Esports Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, marking one of the first LAN events since the Covid-19 pandemic began.

For scoring, a normal win gives three points, an overtime win gives two and a defeat in overtime gives one point. The winner of each league will gain 510 ranking points and the top four teams will qualify for Stage 1 playoffs. All of the league’s matches will be live on Twitch and Youtube.

Rainbow Six NA League

Instead of two separate leagues for Canada and the US, Ubisoft has decided to combine the two to create the North American Rainbow Six League this season. All matches are best of one in a round-robin format, meaning each team will play every other team in attendance. For this region, Oxygen Esports are looking impressive with the recent additions of Evan “Yoggah” Nelson and Leonardo “Kyno” Figueiredo.

Rainbow Six NA Stage 1 Schedule
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EU League standings

Over in Europe, BDS Esports has been dominating and are up 4-0 so far. Just like North America, there are nine play days with four already completed, but there is one major difference between Europe and NA. That difference is that EU League matches will still be played online. The remaining four matches will take place on April 8, 12, 19, 24 and 25.

While the other teams in the group still have a slight chance, both BDS and Natus Vincere are up by almost 10 points. Therefore, the other teams will have a tough time catching up, for a chance to win the $77,500 first-place prize and a playoff spot.

Rainbow Six EU Stage 1 Schedule
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Asia-Pacific League

In the Asia-Pacific League, the competition is split into Northern and Southern Leagues, with the champion of each league facing off in the finals. Just like the NA and EU matches, Asia-Pacific matches are all round-robin, best of one matchups. The top four in both the North and South then gain a spot in the Asia-Pacific League Playoffs, for a chance to win an additional $23,750 and 330 more Global Points. So far, Cyclops Athlete Gaming are ahead in the Northern League, while Xavier Esports are leading the Southern League.


Rainbow Six Asia North Stage 1 Schedule
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Rainbow Six Asia South Stage 1 Schedule
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The three regions will see the remaining Rainbow Six Pro League matches take place throughout April, and it’ll be interesting to see how the LAN event plays out in the US.

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