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The Rainbow Six Siege Stage 2 Oceanic Nationals will take place over seven days, spanning six weeks, starting June 18. The final playoffs are set for July 29. Here’s where to watch the competition, and who to look out for, in Stage 2.

Rainbow Six Siege Stage 2 Oceanic National dates

The Rainbow Six Oceanic competition will be played on Fridays and Saturdays. The tournament will take place over seven individual playdates during June and July. The competition playdates are:

  • Friday, June 18
  • Saturday, June 19
  • Friday, June 25
  • Friday, July 2
  • Saturday, July 10
  • Friday, July 16
  • Friday, July 23.

Each of these dates relates to Australian time, so if you’re watching overseas, the dates may vary.

Teams and points

During the Rainbow Six Siege Stage 2 Oceanic Nationals, teams will be able to earn points towards the season title. Several teams are competing, including the Stage 1 champions. The Chiefs were crowned the Stage 1 winners and will be back to defend their title. The Knights will be returning to try to best their runners up title from Stage 1. After Stage 1, each of the teams were awarded points based on where they finished in the playoffs. The competing teams for Stage 2 are on these point totals:

7thWildcard Gaming5

Teams will be able to earn more points during Stage 2 to add to their current scores.

International gameplay and where to watch

Unlike the 2020 season, this year has a slightly different format. The Rainbow 6 ANZ team have put together a video to explain the new format:

In this video, the team explain that 2021 will feature three stages and the chance to play internationally. The three stages span throughout the year and teams accumulate points across the seasons. The top teams from the Oceanic Nationals will compete during a season finals LAN, where a $25,000 prize pool is up for grabs.

If you’re excited to catch all the Rainbow Six Siege nationals action, tune into Rainbow6Bravo on Twitch.

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