Rainbow7 upsets LGD Gaming in shocking Play-In victory - Upcomer
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Popular LLA team Rainbow7 stunned analysts and viewers after defeating LPL team LGD Gaming for the League of Legends World Championship Play-Ins stage. The Mexico-based team ran a rough two games since the start of Worlds, but managed to bring honor back to their name with Saturday’s huge upset against one of China’s top teams.

Rainbow7 began the series struggling against one of the Pacific Championship Series teams, PSG Talon. Unfortunately for Rainbow7, PSG managed to overtake the first match with three substitutes, leaving the LLA team scrambling to get together post-game. Rainbow7’s second game against V3 Esports was also just as rocky, with V3 ending the game with 16 kills with an over ten thousand gold lead. The future looked bleak for Latin America, but luckily for them they had a relatively easy game against LGD on Saturday morning.

Pushing for victory

LGD losing to Rainbow7 counts as their second loss to a non-major team, with the first being PSG Talon on Friday. The LPL team full of veterans is now struggling to stay afloat as they’re currently 0-2 for Play-Ins, with the possibility of elimination should they lose against V3 Esports and Unicorns of Love.

For Saturday’s game, Rainbow7 dominated LGD in overall map control and team fight initiations. The biggest moment throughout the entire match was the team fight around Elder Dragon. Rainbow7 made a risky move by initiating the objective while their ADCarry was down. They forced LGD to back down and managed to earn Elder and Baron within minutes of each other, eventually ending the game with the most notable victory on Saturday.

Rainbow7 will be facing off against League of Legends Continental team Unicorns of Love on Sunday. So far, UOL is up 2-0, possibly qualifying for Groups after their final match against LGD Gaming.

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