Rainbox Six Mexico Major delayed again as DarkZero esports players contract Covid-19 - Upcomer
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The Rainbow Six Esports team announced on Twitter, Friday, that two members of DarkZero esports have contracted Covid-19 before their match against Team oNe. DarkZero will now play the match from their hotel rooms.

DarkZero esports players catch covid-19

The two players who contracted the virus are Brandon “BC” Carr and Paul “Hyper” Kontopanagiotis, according to a response made from the DarkZero esports Twitter account. Hyper also responded to the original announcement from the Rainbow Six esports account to state he was one of the players affected. Hyper also reiterated he had taken three Covid tests before his flight to Mexico, all of them being negative, and said the situation was an unfortunate circumstance. The players have said they both feel comfortable with the match moving forward at the end of the day, and that they would be playing from their hotel rooms instead.

According to the Rainbow Six Esports statement on the matter, they have continued to follow strict sanitary guidelines enforced by FACEIT. Both players have been placed in isolation and they are securing the “safety of all participants and staff in the venue.”

This was not the first complication that arose during the Rainbow 6 Mexico Major. Yesterday, a structural failure at the venue delayed the match between DarkZero esports and DWG KIA. After it was rescheduled and played off stream the next day, the game ended with a 7-2 win to secure DarkZero’s top seed in Group C. Team oNe finished second in Group A, dropping games to BDS esports and Susquehanna gaming on Day 1.

This new game has yet to be rescheduled, though it will take place at the end of the day.

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