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Ralf Jones and Clark Still are the latest characters to be revealed for The King of Fighters XV. The fighters were shown off by SNK in a combined trailer on May 19.

Both characters are brawlers, utilizing close range offensive moves with no projectiles. Ralf’s moves focus on striking and high pressure scenarios. Clark on the other hand, utilizes more grappling moves inspired by professional wrestling. The trailer shows Clark using a Frankensteiner; a torture rack which he can chain three times into a Death Valley Driver and a DDT.

Ralf and Clark are the second and third members of team Ikari Warriors. They join Laura Heidern, who was revealed last week. The duo are the two protagonists of the original Ikari Warriors games. Originally, the two characters were pallet swaps in Ikari Warriors and shared the same moveset in The King of Fighters ’94. Throughout further iterations, Clark would differ further from the moveset the two originally shared. Ralf retained that same moveset from The King of Fighters ’94.

A historical pair of fighters

Both Ralf and Clark have been in all 15 King of Fighters games since the series began. They are the mainstays of team Ikari Warriors. Ralf and Clark are ordered to enter each tournament by Heidern, the leader of the Ikari Warriors.

The Ikari Warriors themselves first appeared in Ikari Warriors in 1986. In that game, you would choose to play as either Ralf or Clark as you blasted your way through various levels. Ralf and Clark would appear as playable characters in Metal Slug 6 in 2006 too, alongside their teammate Laura.

The trailer also showed off a new stage for The King of Fighters XV. The stage looks to be inspired by the Metal Slug and Ikari Warriors games.

SNK has been revealing new characters for The King of Fighters XV every Wednesday evening at 10 p.m. ET. SNK also announced this week that Shiro Tokisada Amakusa will be re-joining the Samurai Shodown roster as a member of the Samurai Shodown Season Pass 3.

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