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After RazerCon 2020, everyone got excited about all the new gear coming. Now, for the first time, Razer has released a wireless gaming keyboard. It’s the latest in the BlackWidow family, and it’s here just in time for Christmas. We got our hands (literally) on the BlackWidow V3 Pro to give you the full run down.

Lights, volume, wrist rest

One of the first things I noticed is the finish on a keyboard. When you unbox a keyboard for the first time, it’s instinct to start tapping on the buttons. The sound and feel of this keyboard is a little different than other Razer keyboards. The key strokes feel really nice, with a “soft” touch. It doesn’t have the “clacky” sound of the Razer Huntsman; it’s much duller. This also means the BlackWidow V3 Pro is a little quieter than the Huntsman.

Next is the lights. You just gotta love lights on a keyboard right? I really love the light up snake logo. It’s sitting perfectly, front and center of the keyboard. It gives a great vibe and changes lighting -sequence with the rest of the keyboard. As for the lights on the keys, they are awesome too. The keycaps sit high on the board, meaning the light shines underneath. It looks amazing and the new transparent switches make this light even brighter. You can never go wrong with lots of lights right? There’s even a light around the volume wheel. It’s oh so easy to control your volume and is simple to adjust while gaming.

Now onto the wrist rest. Whilst this might be considered a luxury for some, to me, it’s a must. The wrist rest on the BlackWidow V3 Pro is just divine. It’s squishy, comfortable, and fits with most other Razer keyboards too. It also has the leatherette finish which not only feels great, but it stays clean; even when you spill tea on it!

Get rid of those wires

Last but most certainly not least, is the BlackWidow V3 Pro’s wireless capabilities. More gamers are now going wireless due to the reduced lag experienced in wireless technology, and the need to have a clean and tidy desk space. The BlackWidow V3 Pro delivers here. The keyboard is easy to turn on and pair. One of the downsides to wireless tech is you need to remember to charge it. That’s where the BlackWidow V3 Pro really comes in handy. It has about 200 hours of battery life. I used it for well over a week before my Razer Synapse popped up telling me my keyboard had low battery and needed to charge. After this notification the keyboard still lasted a couple of days before I needed to plug it in and juice it up.

But if you do run out of battery you’re covered. Like the DeathAdder Pro V2 mouse, the BlackWidow keyboard has three connection types: Bluetooth, 2.4 wireless, and USB-C. Its wireless capabilities mean you can pair it with pretty much any device. The Bluetooth is easily paired by pressing the “Function” key as well as a number. The keyboard will flash blue and go into pairing mode. As for the 2.4 wireless, that’s super easy pairing with a dongle that is also neatly stored.

Go all wireless

The Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro goes nicely other wireless peripherals. Pair it up with a wireless headset like the Blackshark V2 Pro and a wireless mouse like the Deathadder V2 Pro. Everyone these days is looking to improve their setups with less wires right? What’s really cool about these products is each dongle is labelled so you know which is which; I definitely would have mixed these up otherwise.

It’s easy to tell which dongle goes to what device with Razer’s simple and clear naming convention.

Now you have an entire wireless setup. You’ll have tons of space and no rogue wires; you can’t go wrong. But if you’re not concerned about wires, or you’re on a budget, take a look at the rest of the BlackWidow family.

Go full wireless with lots of gear. Grab the Razer Kitty Kraken Bluetooth, Raiju, BlackWidow V3 Pro, and DeathAdder V2 Pro to say goodbye to all your cords.

BlackWidow family

If you’re not too concerned about cords everywhere the BlackWidow V3 is great. It also comes with a wrist rest, although slightly less squishy than the Pro’s edition. The V3 also comes equipped with volume controls. Instead of the wheeled controller of the Pro, the BlackWidow V3 has a volume roller. And of course this keyboard is wired. But at $139.99 US ($239 AUD), this is a much cheaper option compared to the Pro model which is $229.99 US ($389.95 AUD).

You can see the top right hand corner, the volume roller control on the BlackWidow V3. (Image: Supplied)

If you’re really on a budget, or you prefer a smaller keyboard, then the BlackWidow V3 Tenkeyless is your go to. This keyboard is all in the name. It literally has less keys! It’s the smaller, more compact version. It’s slightly bigger than the Huntsman mini, but the Tenkeyless is still a great size travelling. The BlackWidow V3 Tenkeyless is only $99.99 US ($179.95 AUD); great for the gamer on a budget.

Both the BlackWidow V3 Pro and Tenkeyless models come in a choice of green or yellow switches. And if you like your colored keyboards, then you’ll have to go for the V3 standard version. Only the BlackWidow V3 comes in the Razer Quartz pink color. Which keyboard are you going to pick up this Christmas?

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