Renegades announce fifth VALORANT squad member Jerk
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Renegades round out their VALORANT roster with new member Justin “Jerk” Milani, according to a June 11 announcement. Renegades dropped their previous fifth member Chuck “CP2” Proud in May of 2021. CP2 mainly played smoke agents for Renegades, while Jerk is known more for his Duelist play.

Renegades have been a staple of the North American VALORANT scene, but have not achieved much in their time on the circuit. Outside of the First Strike: North America main event, Renegades have not appeared in any VALORANT Champions Tour main events in 2021. The team is seen by the wider community as a guardian for the top tier of the North American VALORANT. Teams that beat them can compete at the top level, teams who lose to them are considered second tier teams.

Jerk before signing with Renegades

Before and during his VALORANT career, the young Canadian played Counter-Strike and even signed with The Gaming Stadium’s Counter-Strike team in early 2021. He started competing in VALORANT in June 2020. He signed with the currently inactive squad Oxygen Supremacy and bounced around a few free-agent teams. Jerk also signed with Elevate for a time in September of 2020. His most recent competition was with free-agent team Reformed. He and his team made deep runs in monthly tournaments and the qualifying rounds of VCT Stage 1 and 2. But, just like his new squad, Jerk has yet to compete on the VCT main stage.

Jerk even faced off against his new team in the Nerd Street Gamers Championships. He split games with Renegades and top fragged for his squad in both on Raze. Jerk’s agent pool is littered with the standard Duelists and a few other agents. His most payed is Raze, but he also has about 900 rounds on Omen. Outside of those two, Jerk sticks with Phoenix, Sage and Reyna.

Renegades continue their hunt for VCT representation in Stage 3 starting later this June.

Declan is an esports journalist and part-time editor for Upcomer. He is an avid gamer and League of Legends player. You can find him at the bottom of the leaderboard in most games or on Twitter.