Respawn addresses Apex Legends monetization backlash, promises changes
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The Iron Crown Collection event started this week in Apex Legends, introducing a number of new features. One of them is a Solo mode, something the game’s community has been begging Respawn for since launch. Unfortunately, the new additions to the game have so far been almost completely overshadowed by the scandal surrounding the event’s monetization.

In what is possibly one of Reddit’s biggest karma-farming events, the Apex community has been raging against the Iron Crown Collection event since it began. The main argument is that the new cosmetics are delivered through what players perceive as an overpriced and exploitative system.

Apex Legends iron crown collection pathfinder peacekeeper legendary cosmetic

The outcry is ongoing, and today Respawn producer Drew McCoy released an official statement on the matter.

More buying options in Apex Legends

McCoy’s statement begins with an apology on behalf of Respawn for not being transparent enough about the monetization methods. The studio is addressing the situation by adding the event-exclusive cosmetics to the regular Apex Legends store. They will rotate through it on a fixed schedule over the course of the event, starting on August 20.

This solution is addressed at players who wanted to have a specific cosmetic but were put off by the gambling element of loot boxes. They can now get their skins at the usual price of 1,800 Apex Coins.

Apex Legends iron crown collection rotating store items

Moreover, McCoy promises Respawn will reconsider how they structure future events. The core message of the statement is that they will be more transparent with their players. They will also always provide direct ways of acquiring event-exclusive loot.

A couple of phrases at the end of the statement stand out. First, McCoy states their goals with the Apex Legends monetization system is to not “sell a competitive advantage.” This is a rather odd thing to bring up, as Apex has never had pay-to-win mechanics. None of the community’s complaints were really about that.

Apex Legends Ircon Crown Collection

More importantly, McCoy states that they have structured the system “so that all players benefit from those who choose to spend money.” You can choose to interpret this in a number of ways, but on face value, it justifies selling cosmetics at any price.

The Iron Crown Collection event will continue until Aug 27. It is likely Apex Legends will hold another event during the final stretch of Season 2. That should be in late September, and it will let us see how Respawn’s monetization has evolved. Until then, stay tuned to Daily Esports for more Apex Legends news and content!