Respawn addresses Apex Legends update issues and mystery item slot
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Respawn released an Apex Legends Update 1.2 post-update on Reddit today. The studio detailed the various issues they are aware of that were caused by the recent update, which coincided with the launch of the Legendary Hunt event. The post states they are working hard to address them. It also cheekily acknowledges a couple of lesser-advertised changes to the game. We are, of course, talking about the Mirage buff and the mystery item slot.

While Respawn isn't saying it outright, they do seem pretty pleased with themselves over the recent Mirage "bug fix."

New bugs and new equipment

As is traditional for AAA titles, the update fixed a lot of things while breaking others. From voice localization to movement and aiming, a lot of things were slightly bent if not broken. At the top of most players’ problem list is the reduced accuracy which guns now display while sliding and aiming down sights. This type of thing is actually quite serious in a game like Apex Legends, where gunplay is heavily based on mobility. The post states that Respawn is working to resolve the issue.

The studio is also going after the number of network, sound, and texture problems introduced by Update 1.2. They are investigating an unknown error causing non-Mirage players to appear invisible in some games.

Finally, the post mentions the mysterious fifth equipment slot silently added in the update. “You all will have to wait to see what we have planned for that,” is all Respawn is saying for now. A leak from today confirmed the new slot will indeed hold a new item, with up to three levels of rarity. Hopefully more will be announced at Respawn’s panel at EA Play 2019 tomorrow. In the meantime, we have our own theories, shared by some in the Apex community.

The recent "bug fix" may have made Apex Legends' Holographic Trickster Mirage much more powerful, especially in combination with recently discovered bugs!

The Mirage buff is in full effect

A frankly shocking line in the update notes a bug which is making Mirage clones suddenly appear behind the player. NANI?! It’s not clear what the nature of this bug is, but it seems to be yet another feature of Mirage’s recent amazing “bug fix.” While Respawn had previously stated that the legend’s win rate is stable, this buff was something the community has been asking for since launch. And their reaction to the change has been universally positive so far, from Mirage players anyway.

I am LOVING this mirage buff! from apexlegends

While Respawn sorts out the various new bugs and issues, we hope this version of Mirage remains unchanged. Time will tell how the community adjusts, as new players flock to play the spooky ghost legend.

Stay tuned to Daily Esports for more Apex Legends news and our report on Respawn’s EA Play 2019 panel tomorrow!