RGB gaming mouse: Up your PC game on a budget
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Every gamer wants the latest tech and the most RGB lights. Unfortunately, not everyone has the cash to flash on all that expensive gear. Luckily, if you want great gear, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars. Glorious PC Gaming has released one of the coolest mice ever – and they’ve done so for under $50 USD.

“The most comfortable lightweight ergonomic RGB gaming mouse”

That’s what Glorious PC Gaming calls their Model D RGB gaming mouse. It’s designed to be super lightweight. The mouse weighs only 68 grams, and it does so by being almost completely hollow. This hollow design ensures it not only remains lightweight but provides optimal RGB lighting performances. With the honeycomb-style holes, lights pass through to create a disco-style rave while gaming. For those of you who love lighting, this is a must.

Super lightweight mice like this are also perfect for traveling – at least once we can get back to travel after all the restrictions lift. You won’t need to worry about going over on your carry-on luggage, and the mouse will fit snugly with your laptop. Another benefit of the hollow-holed look is ventilation. When you’re gaming for hours, your palms can easily get sweaty. But with all the airflow, the Model D RBG gaming mouse keeps you cool and fresh for hours.

Packaging and stickers

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like awesome packing and stickers!

Every mouse comes with a neat, robust box and some awesome stickers. My favorite is definitely the holographic sticker. And at less than $50, you really can’t go wrong with this gaming mouse. It’s affordable, comfortable, it works, and it’s got heaps of colors.

The only drawback is if you don’t like RBG lights. If that’s the case, then this definitely isn’t the mouse for you. The lights are visible on all sides, and some even call them “distracting”. I’m an RBG light person, though, so I welcome all the lights you can throw at me! If you’re the same, then this is perfect.

Also, you can add extra “skates” to your mouse if you like more glide. If you’re in need of a new gaming mouse, check out the Model D. And if money is your thing, then check out our other reviews for more awesome gaming peripherals.

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