Riot Games collaborates with Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo
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Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo has released a brand new collaboration with the video game company Riot Games.

Uniqlo has been known for their collaborations with other brands. These include Shonen Jump, KAWS, Takashi Murakami and Pharell Williams. Now, it is releasing a line of clothing based off of Riot’s properties related to League of Legends and their virtual girl group K/DA. 

What does Riot Games’ collaboration with Uniqlo entail?

Riot Games announced the collaboration with Uniqlo by dropping a photo of K/DA’s Ahri in a t-shirt that contained a platinum design of the K/DA girl group. Most fans of the K/DA group or blades will see that the design on the tee is based off of “The Baddest” music video, which came out in 2019. This was around the time of the League of Legends world championship.

Outside of the K/DA “The Baddest” t-shirt design, there are five other designs sporting characters from League of Legends. One of the black tees displays “The Baddest” cover. And, another shows the opening loading screens found in the client itself. Lastly, the rest of the clothing from Riot Games and Uniqlo focuses on Jinx, Ekko and the cute Poros that are found all over the ARAM map. Additionally, Riot has released images of the K/DA group wearing the various shirt designs.

League of Legends releases collaboration with uniqlo
Riot games is collaborating with Uniqlo, featuring popular virtual girl band K/DA. | Provided by Riot Games

This collaboration with Uniqlo is not the first of its kind for Riot. Furthermore, the organization has worked with Louis Vuitton to develop the case that the world championship would be stored in; the first collaboration between esports and a luxury fashion brand. Finally, Riot Games even joined forces with the phone company Oppo to develop a limited edition version of its FIND X2 and Oppo Watch. 

Fans can head on over to Uniqlo’s website to peruse through the items mentioned above.

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